Client Testimonials

client testimonialThank you so much for sending the pics Dr. Nossaman.  I sincerely thank you for taking such good care of our sweet boy.  I enjoyed meeting you and the staff and felt he was in very good care.  You have a special practice and I will definitely pass the word along to folks that are looking for a high quality dental/surgical experience for their furry family members.  I wish all Vets were the same way you are with both sides (human & canine) of the patient experience.  Thanks for caring so much.

Buck is on the mend but a little on the woozy side tonight. He wasn't completely interested in water this evening but totally interested in the mashed up Turkey meatballs for dinner. He did have 2 bowl movements and urinated a few times.

I'm so glad he was a good patient.  He has such a warm heart and soul…he's always been that way and I consider us fortunate to have him. Hopefully he doesn't run away from home, but if he does, I'll know where to look.

Warm Regards ~ ~ Adrienne

kitty blue eyesHello - I could not help dropping you a note after reading through the web site.  Though I have made an appointment for Oct 6, I did want you to know the web site was also helpful.  In response to my initial telephone call, I received a return call from Dr. Nossaman today and will be seeing her Thursday morning at 8:45.

Just in case you do receive this email, it is to say I enjoyed reading of Dr. Nossaman's interest in Africa and especially the cheetah.  I took my family to Tanzania this year and we had several wonderful opportunities to observe cheetah and their young in the wild.  What a special beast they are!

If you would like a glimpse at the special beast I am bringing in Thursday, check out his web site

Sincerely ~ ~ Suzi

I thank God and all my lucky stars that I picked Dr. Nossaman for my four Cairn Terriers dental care. First, I was impressed right from the first phone call I made. Sandy was friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Cleanliness of the hospital is very important to me, I look for that and you passed the "white glove" test with flying colors. Next I learned about the monitoring that is provided during surgical procedures which is of utmost importance to me. I felt completely at ease with the knowledge and expertise Dr. Nossaman possesses and the rest of her wonderful staff. In all the years I've had dogs, cats and ferrets, I have never found a Veterinarian who met every criteria I've had and surpassed it in every way. To say I'm impressed, is putting it lightly. Dr. Nossaman "walks on water" as I just wrote to my daughter. I am so relieved to find a place that I feel confident in. I've learned so much about dental care, and sadly for my Angus I wished one of his doctors from CT noticed. ~ ~ Van

Dr. Nossaman - Merry Christmas to you and Thank You for helping me feel better.  My teeth healed fine and I even chew on Mom’s fingers again when she comes home from work.  And my coat is getting soft like it used to be!

I developed this cute little smile since my tooth is gone—but Mom likes it.  It makes her laugh.  I am enclosing my picture; you can see I don’t like posing.

But thank you again.  Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless.

~ ~ Smudge

Dear Dr. Nossaman and Staff - THANK YOU so much for all that you did to help our Jenni with her stomatitis.  I know she is feeling better and more comfortable.  Dr. Aschenberg at Family Pet Clinic of North Richland was even able to hold her mouth open to examine her and she is making good progress.

She is still on her prednisolone, as her anemia is still an issue the internal medicine doctors are managing.

We will see you soon at Jenny’s recheck visit.

Thanks again ~ ~ Ellen

Dear Dr. Nossaman - Queenie is gone, but her sweet little spirit is still with us.  Enclosed is the emergency clinic report. She must have tried to jump on a ledge, missed and fell, causing head trauma that she couldn't recover from at 19 years of age.

Mom and I are very grateful for the caring help you gave her.  Because of you, Queenie was free of pain and eating well up until the very end.

Again, thank you!

Sincerely ~ ~ Marilyn

The staff is always warm, friendly & courteous. And Dr. Nossaman is just wonderful!!! We know our "kids" are in good hands here. ~ ~ Liz

I really felt like everyone in the office CARED about Bootsy. Everyone was very good to her and everyone was also very nice to me. For me, customer service and the well being of my dog is what I am looking for in a vet's office. I especially appreciated Dr. Nossaman's calling that evening to check on Boosty. ~ ~ Benay

I LOVE the fact that they call the next day after the appointment to see how my kitten is doing and to answer any questions that I have left. It makes me feel like a valued costumer. It is definitely worth the money! Yes, it's a little more expensive than your typical clinic, but it is so worth it! I love Dr. Nossaman. Keep up the good work :) ~ ~ Rebecca

I thank God for Dr. Nossaman, because she finds areas in Toby's mouth that we didn't know about! ~ ~ Linda

We really liked the staff and Dr. Nossaman. We felt that our questions and concerns were very important to the doctor and staff as all our concerns were taken care of. We really liked the way the staff and doctor interact with the animals and the care given to the animals we saw. We feel that Cornelius will receive the best care from Dr. Nossaman. ~ ~ Denise

Thank you! ~ ~ Dana

We had our first visit just last week and truly appreciated all the help and kindess we recieved. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship at your dental clinic. There was a very warm feeling and genuine care for the wellbeing of our new bundle of joy, Barkley. I will definitely reccomend your clinic to anyone interested. Thank you for providing professional and personal care that allows us to feel comfortable and informed! ~ ~ Lauren

You all do a great job! ~ ~ Laurie

Very friendly staff and doctor, great prices as well compared to what I expected. ~ ~ Aimee

Thanks! You are all great! ~ ~ Sara

The entire staff was amazing! Very compassionate and understanding and just great people... I have 3 pets that I take here, and will absolutely continue to do so! ~ ~ Tami

Awesome place! ~ ~ Katy

Fantastic service and I look forward to the care my dog is going to receive. ~ ~ Neysa

We love you guys and consider you part of our pack. Sorry, you are stuck with us. ~ ~ Hugs, Alan & Eileen

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