Information below intended for veterinarians.

Malocclusion Causing Palatal Trauma in a Puppy

malocclusionPuppies with a Class 2 malocclusion (overbite) may have mandibular canine teeth that cause occlusal trauma that can be very painful. They may even cause dental interlock that prevents the jaws from continuing to grow and this may result in a permanent malocclusion. Note the lower canine penetrating the palate in Photograph 1 at right

Removing these teeth while the pup is young may allow the mouth to self-correct and the adult teeth may erupt in a more normal occlusion.

Adult teeth may also impact the palate, due to their base narrow position . . . again causing pain, periodontal or endodontic changes. If not corrected, this may even result in an oral nasal fistula.

Treatment options include:


Photograph 2 - Before correction. Note the lower canine tooth inside the upper, causing palatal trauma each time the mouth is closed.


Photograph 3 - Orthodontic correction (incline plane) and in Photograph 4.


Photograph 4


Photograph 5 - After correction. Note the canine teeth are now occluding in the correct location, between the upper canine and lateral incisor teeth, as well in Photograph 6.


Photograph 6


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