Feline Oral Mass

Information below intended for veterinarians.
Some photos may be graphic.

Not all masses in cats represent cancer or have a poor prognosis

Feline Oral MassA neutered male domestic longhaired cat presented with a maxillary mass in the space normally occupied by the right maxillary canine tooth, 104. (See photograph at right).

The swelling was hard throughout its circumference but had a fluctuant portion on the ventral aspect. The patient had no apparent discomfort historically nor was pain elicited upon palpation. The owners could not recall if there was a tooth there prior to the appearance of the swelling.

Rule outs include infection, neoplasia, particularly of odontogenic origin, and dentigerous cyst. The intra oral radiograph below right, revealed an unerrupted canine tooth with lucent maxillary bone suggesting a dentigerous cyst.

Feline Oral Mass X-rayTreatment for dentigerous cysts requires removal of the unerrupted tooth and the entire lining of the cyst. Vital structures within the bone should be spared but any teeth whose roots have been compromised should also be extracted.


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