Pain Management

Pain management is crucial for most dental procedures.

pain managementSurgery hurts!  It doesn't matter if the patient is a human, a dog, or a guinea pig.  Analgesia is the relief of pain, and in modern pain management protocols we strive for pre-emptive analgesia (blocking the pain pathways before the painful procedure starts), and balanced multimodal anesthesia (trying to block the pain pathways from as many directions as possible). 

Pain management at Dallas Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery may include:

Every patient will be evaluated after a surgical procedure and pain medications will be customized according to the type of procedure performed, the age and health of the patient and their immediate response to treatment.  We will be glad to discuss our rationale for pain control recommendations and adjust them according to your observations regarding the comfort of your pet.

See American Animal Hospital (AAHA) Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats


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