Advanced Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Orthodontic Incline Plane


Annie Oakley


Annie's mandible (lower jaw) is shorter than her maxilla (upper jaw). Note how her canine teeth are hitting the gums between the teeth.


Note the hole made in the gum from the lower canine tooth.


The canine teeth (straight arrows) are too far inside as well as too far back for normal occlusion.




Extraction of the two lower incisors (curved arrows in above photo) allowed space for the canine teeth (straight arrows in above photo, and photo at left) to move forward. The acrylic incline plane guided the canine teeth over many weeks to move forward as well as laterally.




Final occlusion at three month recheck. Note how the canine teeth have moved allowing Annie to close her mouth now without pain.




Final occlusion at three month recheck.




Intra oral radiographs are always obtained prior to placing any orthodontic appliance.



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